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No coldness in my heart

posted: 2010-12-06


Ofcourse it would be somewhat 'cooler' to make that title "coldness in my heart", especially since my love for frostbitten black metal is still as valid as it was back in those cold days when the poker stood frozen next to the fireplace. Fact of the matter is however that life is simply good! It's warm and it's pleasant. That is however when looking at the big picture to be honest. Last year cancer appeared too close to home in our family once again and except for waiting, being there and helping out whenever that possible, simply 'accepting' what is happening was and is what's left to do...

Besides from that we shouldn't complain. We have an amazing son, who can be somewhat of an handfull now that he just turned 2 years old, but as most of our close friends and family say "how could that be any different with a mom and dad like the two of you?" (and going back to the title of this: you should see him bang his head and shaking his fist when Darkthrone's "Too old, TOO cold" is blasting through the office!).

After a pretty difficult year in 2009, in a way because we choose to lay low for a while but also because of the lack of CD sales, 2010 showed us quite an improvement and with 2011 right around the corner with some spectacular new releases coming up, we couldn't wish for more.

Only thing left to say right now is sorry for not writing more on this blog and thank you SO much for all the support over the years. Next year, Reflections will celebrate it's 15th year anniversary and we won't leave that unnoticed. Be prepared!

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