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Our busy lives.

posted: 2010-05-07


I guess a little update on what’s going on at the Reflections HQ wouldn’t hurt, so here we go: Most and for all, the lack of time is a serious issue here. With me being a father first, and doing the label/mailorder next, it’s sometimes hard to stay on top of things. Jules, is walking around for a few months now and decided that our house and the Reflections office are his playground and playgrounds are there to be destroyed. His main purpose seems making sure my record collection gets screwed up and at the office, when he’s trying to be helpful (or at least I hope he is!), throwing CD’s in the bin (that in some cases that definitely is THE best place for ‘m, is something else). He goes to kindergarten one and a half day a week, Monday and Tuesday,  and those are the only times I REALLY can get some work done. All the other days I’m simply busy hanging out, playing, walking, cycling with him (and trying to do some email etc).

And even though I get a little frustrated now and then for not being able to do all the Reflections’ related stuff I want to do, I gotta admit that being around my son beats everything else!

Yet, with the help of Suzanne, who has a very demanding full-time job at 013 (one of the biggest venues in Holland) being head of marketing, we managed to release a bunch of stuff the last month: Skull Crusher – Blinded By Illusion. MCD/12”(Cro Mags / Judge adepts: Don’t sleep on this!), the re-releases on vinyl (gatefold and man, they look stunning!) from the first two albums by Sick Of It All and then our very first book: HRVST:Death. Check our onlinestore for details on these!

This summer we’ll be attending quite some festivals and shows and we’re in the middle of doing a serious update on the online-store. As some of you may have noticed we sometimes have releases listed that aren’t in stock (mainly due to festival sales) and we want to try and prevent that from happening as much as possible.

We’re also planning on doing a big sale right before summer so, keep checking back. Most of our bands will spend the summer playing as much as possible before they (New Morality, Ritual, No Turning Back, Stay Hungry) will hit the studio to record new material. And…. We got a great fest coming up as well! (more on that later) Our lives may be busier and crazier than ever, we’re still here and we’re here to stay!

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