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posted: 2010-03-14


Dear beloved reader,

with this new blog I would like to inform you about the things that are currently happening to Team Ritual.
This Friday we will play the first show for 2010. We're going to take a plane to Greece to play in Athens for the first time ever. Needless to say, we are damn excited about this trip. One week afterwards our tour with our Finnish friends ILLS kicks off. Good times ahead. Here are all the dates:

19.03.2010 Greece, Athens @ Lesxi Ypogeios
26.03.2010 Belgium, Turnhout @ JC Schorvoort
27.03.2010 Belgium, Mechelen @ JC Metteko
28.03.2010 France, Dunkerque @ La Kalvaire
29.03.2010 France, Paris @ Le Klub
30.03.2010 France, Bordeaux @ Heretic Club
31.03.2010 France, Montpellier @ Mojomatic
01.04.2010 Italy, Milano @ SGA
02.04.2010 Switzerland, Schaffhausen @ Fasskeller
03.04.2010 Austria, Salzburg @ Denkmal
04.04.2010 Austria, Wien @ Escape
05.04.2010 Germany, München @ Kafe Kult
06.04.2010 Czech Republic, Prague @ Klub 007
07.04.2010 Germany, Siegen @ Vortex
08.04.2010 Germany, Göttingen @ Juzi
09.04.2010 Germany, Berlin @ Subversiv
10.04.2010 Germany, Bremen @ G18

Apart from this we are currently working on new songs. Therefore we will not play too many shows after this tour. This summer we're going to play some select festivals though.
Some weeks ago the mindblowing news came in that we are allowed to support UNBROKEN on their single European show in London on October 16th. The week after that show we will put on a 5-Year-Anniversary-Show in our hometown Recklinghausen. More news on that soon. It's going to be a very special event for us.

I guess, that's it for now. Come to the shows and say hi, as always. Thanks for reading.

Yours always,
Julian, Pascal, Deni & Philipp


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