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For those who know us at Reflections it's no secret that next to our admiration for hardcore / punk , we like a whole lot of other styles of music. Whether it's classic rock / metal , dark blues/folk, black metal or whatever you can think of with a connection to the shadowside of life, we love it! That's why we decided to give ourselves an outlet to actually work with these kinda bands as well.

With Monumentum Records we want to give talented artists the opportunity to promote music that may not particularly fit in with the punk or hardcore scene, but in our opinion, deserves to be heard or, as we did with the Possessed and Exodus records re-release classic albums that should be available on the wonderful vinyl format.

Saturnalia Temple - UR LP

With members of Therion and Nocturnal Rites, SATURNALIA TEMPLE is the equivalent of Doom masters Electric Wizard dipped in an occult, electrifying atmosphere. Their music crawls along at a really slow pace, the huge (HUGE) guitars moving along like a huge, bassy glacier, the drums slowly creeping along, and everything is just huge and slow, just suffocating you with a super thick occult atmosphere until your brain just goes completely numb...

SATURNALIA TEMPLE is not merely riding the retro-trip, as so many are today, but is a a journey of Black Musical Initiation from the Qluphotic Spheres, a timeless chant channeled into a musical ritual. Saturnalia Temple are here to follow the ancient tradition of Shamanic trance, hard rock and old blues spreading their black magic and hypnotic vibrations.



Influenced by the godfathers of the current (black) metal scene, Celtic Frost, Venom, Possessed , Darkthrone and Messiah and the underworld of one of the biggest cities of the world, BLACK ANVIL lurks in the shadows of the city and deliberately waits for their vicious attack of sinister thrash/black metal. It would be easiest to name the people behind Black Anvil to make people show interest, but this new band from New York City, USA, will have the music speak for itself. BLACK ANVIL - Time Insults The Mind. LP/CD will be released summer 2008



Next to Metallica's "Kill 'em all" and Slayer's "Show No Mercy" there was one other record that not only set the whole world of heavy metal ablaze, but also can be considered as a genre defying album: Exodus' "Bonded By Blood". As furious as their Bay Area counterparts, and with machinegun riffs from Gary Holt and Rick Runolt and then absolute madman on vocals, Paul Baloff (rip) Exodus delivered a debut album that now, more than 20 years later can be considered as an absolute classic. Now, after been unavailable on vinyl for years and only to be found on recordfairs and auction-sites, we're very proud to announce the re-release of Exodus - Bonded By Blood on vinyl deluxe packed in a gatefold sleeve with all the original pictures and lyrics.


A description for an absolute classic album in the history of heavy metal like this would in fact be total unnecessary... Possessed's debut album Seven Churches hit like a nuclear bomb in the metal scene worldwide, and even though the band Death was formed at the same time as Possessed it took them two years later to release their debut album, so many consider POSSESSED's debut "SEVEN CHURCHES" (that was originally released in 1985) as the blueprint for what later would become a whole new genre within the world of heavy music: Death Metal. From the opening track "The Excorcist" the band grabbed metalfans all over the world by the throat and didn't let go until the last song, remarkably titled "Death Metal",was finished. Now, after years being only to be found on 2nd hand record fairs or Ebay, this masterpiece, beautiful released in a gatefold sleeve, including all the lyrics is available again!


KRACH, released as a double LP and CD being the first part of a trilogy (!) from a band that may be unknown to many but have been preparing themselves for a long time before they finalized their dark arts and have it exposed to the world. Nihill, inspired by medievall alchemistry and the darkest depths of the human soul. Almost impossible for any comparisons, Nihill could however be descibed as a grimm mixture of Sunn O))) and Deathspell Omega. “Krach” is an album that needs to be experienced to have it reach its full potential. If that potential ultimately will be that in emotions of happiness is not exactly guaranteed...

The 2LP is limited to 500 copies only, all on the darkest black and comes in a gatefold cover and includes a poster (part of a trilogy). Nihill recently signed a deal with Hydrahead for the upcoming two album on CD, while Monumentum will do the vinyl.

"Krach is a dark and intense piece of music that leaves you hunry for more. I'm anxious for the two following albums!"
8/10 www.metal.de

"Krach is an album that leaves you feeling paranoid!"
8/10 Zero Tolerance Magazine

"Atmospheric and Conceptional really good"
Legacy Magazine 10/12

"Nihill's debut album mixes together Death Spell Omega like occultic blacked riff craft with more stretched dark ambient, horrific soundtrack elements and slight doom edges, all topped off with grim theatrical and often downright chilling vocal performances."


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