HERDER was conceived from the murky swamps by JB to praise the holy crushing scepter of doom and release the low filthy sludge in a revelation of deep rumbling decibelquakes in the hellish underbelly of a world gone mad! Coming in a stabhappy frenzy from the Westereen, the devotion to the HERDER knives was only natural and instinctive and so was the passion for heavy as fuck drinking! Relentless pounding Stoner Doom with a Sludgy vibe was created to wreak havoc upon mankind's feeble outcasts and Lotharios: With past / present sexoffenders of DR DOOM, RUSH N ATTACK, ABORTED, OMISSION, URFAUST and THE DEVIL'S BLOOD, you know you are into something furious and fucked up beyond recognition: HERDER IS HARDER, FUCK YOU TILL DEATH!!!! After the release of a VERY limited demo-cassette/7” by the bands own label Doner Kebab Records, Reflections is about to release the band’s debut 12”. This time of year might be known for blossoming flowers and new life HERDER doesn’t give a fuck and is ready to wipe it all from the face of this planet with a dirty grinn!

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Same Title - LP


2011-06-21 HERDER - s/t. LP out now!


"Same Title" LP


1. F.O.A.D

2. Wasted

3. Come Now Fire

4. Fernweh

5. The Foul Year

6. We All Shall Suffer For What The Gods Have Given Us

7. Heading South

8. Haywire

9. Sons Of Thunder

10. Blood-Faith-Growth



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