Iron Age

Steve Norman--rhythm guitar
Jason Tarpey--vocals
Matt Jackson--bass
Reed Thomas--drums
Wade Allison--lead guitar

For those who were around in the early eighties might remember the time when hardcore bands started to to experiment with metal influences. Not very welcomed by many in the hardcore community. However, about 20 years later, it can't be denied that some freakin' classic albums were made back then! CRO MAGS, CRUMBSUCKERS, CORROSION OF CONFIRMITY and many others did something different and are still to be considered unique in their own ways.

IRON AGE is of that league. Plain and simple. Playing hardcore with a very, very big pinch of (thrash)metal. Or should we say metal with a hardcore attitude here? Fact is that their debut album Constant Struggle is dominated by killer riffs. The duo of Steve Norman on rhythm guitar and Wade Allison on lead guitar MAKE this record. Their riffs are crisp and drive each song from start to finish with great intensity. IRON AGE is a band that can't be lumped in with anyone but throwing together early CRO MAGS with some of those old school "Bay Area" thrashbands will get anyone even slightly interested in energetic and aggressive music thrashing the place in no time!

IRON AGE will be touring Europe this fall and exclusively for that tour Reflections is releasing 'Constant Struggle' on deluxe gatefold LP.

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Constant Struggle - LP colored


2006-09-27 IRON AGE - Contant Struggle. LP up for pre-order!


"Constant Struggle" LP colored




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