Whether it’s with their hardcore urgency of their uniquely powerful lyrics, the true grit of BLACKLISTED will move you. BLACKLISTED merges violence, honesty, and emotional outpouring into one untamable and inspiring hardcore animal.

Recorded and engineered by Kurt Ballou (Convege), HEAVIER THAN HEAVEN, LONELIER THAN GOD is BLACKLISTED’s most dynamic release to date. This latest effort carries a psychological darkness merely hinted at in their previous ep “Peac On Earth…, diving head first into the jaws of their introspective abyss. This bold leap has sharpened their teeth and reaped great creative rewards. Songs like “Stations” and “Wish” possess the ability to haunt listeners for a lifetime.

All these qualitites showcase BLACKLISTED’s continueing evolution as a band, and distance them from a lot of mediocre bands in hardcore today. BR>
Vocals - George Hirsch
Guitar - Bean
Bass - Dave Foster
Drums - Shawn Foley

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MP3 - Long Way Home
MP3 - How Quickly We Forget (Again)

Reflections Releases:
Heavier Than Heaven.... - LP
... The Beat Goes On - CD
We're Unstoppable - CD


2008-08-29 BLACKLISTED tour w/ Rhythm To The Madness starts in 1 week
2008-03-20 BLACKLISTED – Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God. LP....
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2008-02-07 BLACKLISTED – Heavier Than Heaven... LP Announced
2007-10-24 The Return of BLACKLISTED
2007-07-25 BLACKLISTED on tour with JUSTICE
2006-08-10 BLACKLISTED alive and well
2006-06-04 BLACKLISTED drops off their tour with Ignite.
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2006-03-23 Blacklisted attacked by zombies!!
2005-12-15 BLACKLISTED - ..The Beat Goes On @ 3voor12
2005-11-04 BLACKLISTED – …The Beat Goes On CD available!
2005-10-31 BLACKLISTED "...The Beat Goes On" pre-orders shipping!
2005-10-03 BLACKLISTED - Exclusive Show At Ninja fest!
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2005-09-21 BLACKLISTED exclusive UK date at Ninjafest and European...
2005-04-07 BLACKLISTED - WE'RE UNSTOPPABLE. CD now available!


"Heavier Than Heaven...." LP


1. Stations

2. Touch Test

3. I Am Weighing Me Down

4. Always

5. Memory Layne

6. Circuit Breaker

7. Matrimony

8. Self-Explosive

9. Burning Monk

10. Canonized

11. Wish



... The Beat Goes On


We're Unstoppable



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