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New guitarist for Daughters   posted: 2004-12-27
Another perfectly timed member departure for everyone's favorite fashion-core (?) act DAUGHTERS. Guitarist Perri Peete has decided to return to the wonderful and enchanting West Virginia due to personal reasons. Fear not fashion friends, praise the return of one of the founding members of daughters: NICK THE DICK!!Their earlier scheduled tour for March is now postponed so the band can write new material and to teach the little guy the remainder of the material he is not familiar with.

In other news... The new issue of rocksound is highlighting '04 with a year in review and a couple of quotes from DAUGHTERS own charmer vocalist. A.M.




Same Title


Paper Skin

No Turning Back

Take Control

Deal With It



Kissing Pavement

Midnight Souls


Sick Of It All

Just Look Around

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